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photo Magdalena Ruta
Galleryphoto Magdalena Ruta
  • What happens when we combine the creative powers of Piotr Orzechowski and Kuba Więcek with the legacy of Krzysztof Komeda? Without doubt, an explosive mixture of talent, inspiration and unrestricted improvisation. In Komeda Exposed! Orzechowski and Więcek approach Komeda’s music in their own characteristic way by investigating the underpinnings of his unruly work.  Known for his piano hooliganism and fearlessness, Piotr Orzechowski, and saxophonist Kuba Więcek, the rising star of the Polish jazz scene, invent a story about Krzysztof ‘Komeda’ Trzciński’s creative process.

    Indisputably, Komeda’s difficult character and the adverse circumstances of his life and artistic endeavours impacted on the shape of his renowned works. Today, Więcek and Orzechowski look into these as befits an artist: critically, yet with understanding, to see in the icon of Polish jazz not just the monumental but also the individual. The musicians explore, contemplate and musically transform the examples and, ultimately, subject them to their artistic commentary: the improvisers’ view of the well-known themes with their baggage of interpretations and implications.

    Importantly, Więcek’s boisterous approach to the saxophone is well in tune with the avant-garde music of Komeda, whose works did not immediately find acceptance among audiences. The dialogue between the saxophone and the piano, the two most important instruments in Komeda’s life, will let us see the other side of his work and how it is understood and experienced today by members of the avant-garde jazz scene.